Wedding & portrait photography creating an inclusive space for you, your truth, & the ones you love.




You’re getting married.
Or you’re getting a new job.
Maybe you want to celebrate
who you are and who you love,
every day of the year.

You want photos that showcase you — the true you — not some idea of who you should be.



Your family,
your love,
your body,
your life

Photographing the natural beauty of all your days.


Your love,
your way.

LGBTQ+ weddings & family portraits


You live your truth
every day, so why should
your wedding
or your family photos
be any different?



Your wedding is one day. It’s not the first day of your relationship, and it’s certainly not the last. It’s a significant day, filled with meaning for you and your partner, but when you really think about it, your wedding is a big celebration of your love and partnership.

You want an event that is true to you and your relationship, and a big piece of that is photography that will allow you to look back on where you were on that day, at that moment, surrounded by people you love.

Michelle Schapiro Photography specializes in making photographs that speak to that relationship; to the importance of partnership and support rather than the excess and perfection of traditional wedding culture. Sure, you want to look and feel great on the day of your love party. But you also want to engage in this tradition in a way that’s meaningful to you, and I’m here to support you and ensure you get that in your wedding photography.

Hoisum and Jerrie embraced sitting on steps boston couples session Michelle Schapiro Photography


There are countless beautiful days in your life, and I want to be there to capture that beauty
in photos.

Family takes many forms, and every single family is to be celebrated.

I love making portraits of couples, families that include kids, families that don’t include kids, roommates, best friends, poly families, grandmas, babas, parents that defy gender roles and create a unit that works for them.

So invite me into the space of your life, to document you and your family with as much beauty and integrity as you deserve.

parent kisses baby on forehead during newborn family photo session at home in nursery Boston Massachusetts Michelle Schapiro Photography