Fall Photos For All!

Queer, LGBTQ, partners, solo headshots, gay, lesbian, bi, trans, cis, straight, grandmas and grandpas, caregivers to children and animals, all kinds of folks and families!

It’s Fall in New England, which means a couple of things. First, it means you can throw on those Uggs and order a PSL, pile some pumpkins on your stoop, and hang up that skeleton you’ve had in your closet. Second, but no less vital, it’s time to think about some Fall Photos!


One thing to note is that fall photos are for everyone. I really mean this. I’ve had amazing sessions with groups of roommates, individuals wanting new headshots, people with puppies, families with kids, families without kids, poly families, engaged couples, siblings wearing matching flannel, folks of so many family configurations, gender presentations, and identities represented. It’s a charming time here in New England, and beautiful photos are for all. Unless your name rhymes with Ronald Plump,* I’m here to photograph you. I really mean it.


Fall sessions are beautiful and fun. I know that investing in photography sometimes feels frivolous or spendy. I’m here to tell you that it is 100% worth it. In 30 years, when you or your kids are scrolling through the hologram album of the future, don’t you want to be able to pull out your ancient archival prints to show off how cute and cool you were at the end of the twenty-tens? Because you are, you know. Cute and cool—even if you feel tired from work or parenting, even if it’s tough to make it through your days as the light is getting shorter and the temperatures are getting cooler. This is a beautiful moment in your life, and it’s really great to have photos to document this particular state.


So get in touch about a photo session this fall. I don’t have a lot of spots left, so this is your chance. I offer a few different price points so that photos can be accessible to a lot of people, and there’s no pressure to spend a ton of money on an album after. Just a fun walk in the park, or afternoon at your house, and memories to last forever.


*Please note: If you have a name that rhymes with Ronald Plump but you are not the president of the United States at this frightening moment in US history, I will absolutely take fall photos of you.